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Yes, I know... the name is very eye-catching, and kind of throws you off-guard, but there's nothing disturbing about this e-tailer (www.miinto.com), that is co-owned and operated by wunderkind, Mike Radoor.

Here's what he has to say about the brand and the business...

1) Hey, what’s up?!
Hey, STYLE 101! This is Mike Radoor, Founder of Miinto.               
2) Please, tell us a little bit about your background, and why fashion interests you?
Well, I was born in 1986 (in Denmark), and I have studied at Copenhagen Business School; I have two, Cambridge University exams, plus, a bunch of scholarships for being a part of something called, Young Enterprise (build your own business while you do your studies). I have loved fashion since I was about 11 years old; I was a very, talented soccer player in Denmark, and all of the kids on my team knew how to dress (or, it was something the parents pushed them for). So [at] a very young age, I started looking for the ‘perfect’ item… I have always had this WANT, for finding unique styles. I have been traveling the world -with Miinto- as the leading co-founder and International Sales Coach; it all comes down to my social surroundings.
3) Who came up with the idea of MIINTO… and when did you all expand to London territory?
Miinto.com, was developed from an idea, generated by me and my childhood friend, Konrad Kierklo. In 2009, I won 2nd Prize in the Danish National YoungEnterprise Competition, and we attracted the attention of successful businessmen, Carsten Mikkelsen (angel investor in the London-based, Internet success, Just-Eat.com and several, other European start-ups), and Jesper Buch (leading co-founder of Just-Eat.com). After nine months of existence, we decided to start Miinto, in Norway [and] very soon, also Sweden, and then it just took off. This day -three to five years after we started- we are represented in seven countries, and six more countries in 2013; we came to London in 2011.                
4) How do you want customer’s to feel, after they make a purchase from your store?
Unique! We want our customers to feel that they made a purchase directly from a local, specialty store. The feeling you get walking out of a New York, specialty store, is just [memorable] forever. Knowing you just got a unique style from a local, specialty store, is what fashion is all about; the feeling. Of course, we also want our customers to feel happy, safe and taken good care of, but that is secondary to the unique feeling first mentioned.              
5) Who are some celebrities that you consider to be the ideal MIINTO client(s)??
Kanye West, Usher, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio [et al.].

***For more information about Mike Radoor and Miinto, please visit their website, at: www.miinto.com.

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