I Remember When... 

(STYLE 101 x London Olympics, 2012)

I travelled abroad -to London, England- back in March of 2006; it was a spur-of-the-moment getaway for my Spring Break, during undergrad. And with The Games of the XXX Olympiad happening -right now- in London, I'm starting to feel that same surge of continental energy, that I once felt, six years ago!

(Souvenirs from London, 2006-2012)

When I arrived in Great Britain, luckily *THANK GOD* I had a close friend that was living there, and she was theee perfect host to me and really helped to enhance my overseas experience; it was my very first time, ever visiting Europe, and I had found out that my friend (Alexis), was living there via a co-worker, who just so happened to be Alexis' cousin... WOW!!! *SEE HOW GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS* lol ;-D 

(Me & Alexis, London 2006)

As I traversed the British terrain, Alexis showed me tons of historic landmarks, sites, etc., including the River Thames (pronounced 'tims'), the London 'circuses' (such as Oxford Circus, etc., and no, they're not actual performance circuses, they're street areas, LOL), and she also pointed out the 'Eye of London' and a few, other, off-kilter haunts.

(Westminster Abbey, London 2006)

(Big Ben, London 2006)

Of course, I also took a tour bus -on my own- to immerse myself in, even more of the country... and you know, wherever I go, there has to be some FASHION thrown in there, somewhere along the way!!! I visited both, the London College of Fashion, as well as Central Saint Martin's...

(Me @ the London College of Fashion, London 2006)

(LCF, London 2006)

(Central Saint Martin's, London 2006)

My hotel was located in the Marble Arch area of London, right across the street from Hyde Park, and I had a wonderful time visiting some of the shops on Bond Street (as I purchased a pair of YSL shoes), and later, drooled over some of the designer clothes that were housed in Selfridges!!!

But, the most amazing part of my trip was the VERY FIRST DAY, when I stepped foot-off-the-plane, and Alexis was ready to show me a good time (mind you, I had not slept in 24 hours, prior to my arrival, and surprisingly I wasn't jet-lagged...whew). My first night in London, she took me to this famous, gay club, called Heaven, and we danced the night away!!! *AND YES, THE ATMOSPHERE WAS DIVINE* ^___^

(Marble Arch, London 2006)

(Selfridges in-store display, London 2006)

(Selfridges window display, London 2006)

Moreover, what also makes this whole London connection even more trill for me, is the fact that Michael Phelps (a fellow, Baltimore native), made Olympic history by winning 19 medals this week + the additional fact that when I recently visited my Alma Mater, Morgan State University, I found out that The 46th USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships was held on campus ... AT THE SAME DAM TIME as The Games of the XXX Olympiad!!! lol ;-P

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)

(Morgan State University x Junior Olympics, 2012)
So, it's like this whole, big flow of positive, recognitive and concurrent energy all around me, and I'm loving it!!! *BIG CHEESE SMILE*

(My London travels, 2006)

(Souvenirs from London, 2006)

(The London Olympics, 2012)

xoxo, Avon!



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