Shawn Sutton

Model Boy Rock

I have been a fan of Shawn Sutton, since 2008, and for the past few years that he's graced the world with his intriguing beauty and talent (as a top, male model), he's been turning heads on a consistent basis. My team and I first caught a glimpse of Sutton (up-close-and-personal), backstage at the Rock & Republic Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show...

(Shawn Sutton x Rock & Republic)

And since then, he has appeared on the cover of Bleu magazine and posed for numerous, other publications, such as VOGUE Hommes Japan and 10 Men. He's been featured in advertising campaigns for Champion and Barney's New York, and he's stormed the runway for top designers such as Mugler and Givenchy!!!

 (Shawn Sutton x Bleu magazine)

(Shawn Sutton x Mugler, FW '09)

(Shawn Sutton x VOGUE Hommes Japan)

(Shawn Sutton x Givenchy, FW '09)

Currently, Sutton is still working and he's even appeared in the steamy, music video for Kelly Rowland's hit single, "Motivation." He's recently added the title of 'music producer' to his belt, making beats for Island Def Jam and Mercury Records, and has sights set on taking over the music industry; getting it done by any means necessary.

(Shawn Sutton x Kelly Rowland's "Motivation")

(Shawn Sutton's music)

(Shawn Sutton's music)

It's an honor for me to introduce you all to such a wonderful, young man, and so (without further ado), I present to you, Mr. Shawn Sutton... *hand clap*

1) Mr. Sutton! How are you, sir?
I’m good, can’t complain; still living [smiles]. How are you? 
2) [I’m well, thanks for asking] Okay, so, you’ve travelled the world as a top, male model… tell us how it feels to be on the cover of a magazine, or in a famous advertising campaign?!
It’s amazing!!! Being that I come from nothing, to be traveling the world, on covers of magazines and campaigns, being friends with top designers, doing runway shows, etc., and for people to recognize me and admire my work, I could say it’s truly a blessing.
3) What are some of your most valued accomplishments?
You know what… All [of] my accomplishments -even this interview- are most valued to me; I’m really appreciative of everything that comes my way.
4) When did you begin to explore opportunities within the music business?

Well, I always did music, growing up. I always wrote, rapped and produced beats, so being that I’m traveling and meeting people, it opened doors for me in the music business.
5) Why is rap/hip-hop music important to you, as a performer?
Rap/Hip-Hop music is important to me, as a performer, because it is the one way I can stay connected to my family, friends and fans, through something [that] I love to do.     

6) Where did your stage name come from… and where do you see yourself, professionally, within the next five years?

Growing up -in my neighborhood- they called me ‘E-Rock,’ then I started modeling and pursuing music [so] I came up with ‘Model boy-Rock.’ Professionally, within the next five years, I see myself still modeling, evolved into my music and acting... maybe I’ll be the next, Black president?! I’m just joking (LOL).                                  

7) Who do you look up to, for creative inspiration?

Myself (LOL), Kanye West, Mick Jagger, Jay-Z and James Cameron.                                                                                                                                                                                                

***To hear some of Shawn Sutton's music (performing as Model Boy Rock), please click here, to listen to H.P.I.S.M (House Party in Slow Motion) ...and... please click here, to listen to The Runner (both songs are available for download/purchasing at iTunes and Amazon).


  1. uggh luv him!!!

  2. <3 him!!! i wan marry him he so gorgeous #swoon O_0

  3. can i get his phone# style 101, imean gaaahh!!! *grabs fan* lls

  4. @j-mal, hate is not gud for the blood, this man is gorgeous.. mayb if u was a supamodel too, awww *gives hug* lls ;-P

  5. mane... yall slep on dude. no homo but the niga hot tho... he be in mad videos!!! #stopHaten

  6. Yes! I agree, because he is the best model on the scene right now! Let's show each other love and be bless. You Go Shawn... Brooklyn love you ^__^



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