Blair'e Leon's NWO...


Every so often, a rising star shines, just bright enough for the world to see, and such is the case with the one-and-only, Miss Betty Fashionopulous...

As if the name wasn't enough to create an allure, Fashionopulous is a creative type who can sew, design, edit AND produce... and we've managed to get the EXCLUSIVE on what she's up to, next...

1) Miss Betty, gurl, how’s it goin’ (LOL), what’s the T?
Everything is everything, love! Just making it do what the fashion does (lol)!                                                                                                                   
2) Apparently, there are two names that you go by or are associated with (Blair’e Leo’n & Betty Fashionopulous), tell me, who’s who?
Betty Fashionopulous is my business name -and nickname- given [by] a close friend. Blair’e is actually my government name.                                                                                                                                                                  

3) Do you feel that men and women are treated differently, on a professional level, and has your gender ever caused a stir, within your field?
I’m grateful to the Creator, for allowing me to operate in my field, with no signs of discrimination; the lines are blurred, therefore -I feel- being in fashion, there will be no hate-r-ation (lol).                  

4) How would you describe your passion for fashion?
My passion for fashion is so deep in my soul. Fashion, is like, your soul mate… you just can’t live without it; like Prince [said], "I Would Die 4 U."                                                                                              

5) Why do you think that fashion has become so popular, right now (from the blogs to reality television), and do you think that it’s a fading trend?
Fashion will always be popular, but trends would sit higher -in popularity- because of the effect [they have] on society. We are controlled by what we see and therefore anything that we lay eyes on, it instantly becomes something we want! Trends will always fade, so, with that being said… with each new show, comes [a] new trend; look for anything with [little] substance, to have an expiration date!            
6) When did you start designing clothing, and where is your career headed next?
[I] started designing after high school -entering college- [and] styling, kind of took the wheel (for the most part). I would say [that] the design process comes with styling, so, they’re hand-in-hand. What’s next for me, is delving more into fashion show production, [acting as] Fashion Director of “Be Exposed” magazine, as well as [becoming] more philanthropic [with my] fashion contribution[s].                                   

***For more information on Betty Fashionopulous, please visit her online, at:  www.facebook.com/Betty.Fashionopulous


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