Style Spotlight x Lynda Starr


Youdlyn Moreau (aka Lynda Starr), isn't your ordinary, college student... she's a burgeoning talent who has her eyes set on the bright lights and big cities!

Fresh off of her summer internship with indie-music powerhouse, Audio Hype, Moreau has also interned for HOT 97 radio and is tackling the airwaves of her own campus -and the world- one beat at a time. 

1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?
My name is Lynda Starr and I am a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn [New York]. I hope to share my music -and message- globally, and create an emotional connection (through my songs), that people -from all walks of life- can understand. Within my community, I strive to engage those around me to express their thoughts creatively; I aspire to be an innovative, musical motivator for my generation.
2) When did people start to notice your potential?
I began singing at the age of three, and for a great amount of time, I sang in church; everyone in the congregation always recognized my talent, so, I performed at services, in the Gospel Choir and at shows (that’s where my Gospel roots derive from). My heart is in R&B/Soul [music], so, artists including Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, Brandy and Mary J. Blige, inspire my singing and songwriting. I wrote my first song when I was eight and I’ve never stopped, since. No matter where I go, I’m always singing, it’s what keeps me going. Music has and always will be an important outlet of expression in my life.                 
3) Where is your career headed next?
I’m currently working on some new music, [and] I’m also focusing on building my network of producers and other songwriters -along with artists- that I can collaborate with. I want to leave behind a legendary mark -in [the] music industry- that will carry on, for years to come.

*** For more information on Lynda Starr, please listen to her music, at: www.reverbnation.com/LyndaStarr, or follow her on Twitter.com/LyndaStarr1


  1. she sounz koo!!! *pound*

  2. She's very simple and elegant. :)

  3. Bran-nu, Rodney, and Hannah: Thank you so much for the love! I appreciate it! So much has been going on and I am proud to say that I have grown as an artist. Please feel free to follow me on my journey at @LyndaStarrMusic! Peace & Love


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