Lulu Frost x New York Fashion Week, SS '13

by Latease Lashley

Let’s Bring Back by Lulu Frost, was a flourishing collection that stunned admirers with true and timeless, high-spirited, bold beauty, leaving me wanting more... 

*presented on Friday, September 7th, 2012. 

(designer, Lisa Salzer)

“There is something here for every woman,” said Lisa Salzer, creator of the extraordinary brand, Lulu Frost. At her Spring/Summer 2013 presentation (at the historic, Carlyle hotel), during day two of New York Fashion Week, the striking designer dazzled a full-crowd, with sincere smiles of glee, as she showcased accessories that were noted for their “timeless elegance... individuality.” 

(Lulu Frost x The Marchesa, SS '13)

Salzer's collection gathered inspiration from the idiosyncratic encyclopedia, “Let’s Bring Back,” by author, Lesley M. M. Blume, and captured the wonders of Victorian jewelry, celebrating the iconic style of three, noted muses: the Marchesa Casati (the beguiling, Italian heiress), Nancy Cunard (the untamed, political activist), and Elsa Schiaparelli (the innovative, fashion designer).  

(Lulu Frost x Cunard, SS '13)

(Lulu Frost x Schiaparelli, SS '13)

From vibrant and colorful, ornately detailed, stackable bracelets to statement necklaces, the essence of each woman is exquisitely captured in each piece that Salzer created. 

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