Lawrence Spivey x Sir Byron Laurent


With a penchant for pitching perfectly-poised advice for men (and the women who like to help them), Mr. Lawrence Spivey is changing the game, one bow tie at a time.

Spivey's desire in life is to see men, up-the-ante in the wardrobe department, and his company, Sir Byron Laurent, was specifically designed to uphold this sole purpose.

Here's the exclusive interview that he gave STYLE 101...

1) Who are you, and what do you plan to accomplish with your talent?  

I am a men’s fashion blogger and style consultant [who is] completely addicted to -what I like to call- “Southern Gentleman’s Style.” This type of style is a mixture of vintage, men’s fashion with modern styling, and usually has anything to do with blazers, bow ties, seersucker, color and wingtips. My gift is to use my talent to help men look like the gentleman [they see] on the inside, on the outside; [and] many times, help [the] ladies who desire to help the [men] in their lives. [My company] Sir Byron Laurent Style and Fashion Consulting’s goal is to transform each man (in his day-to-day world), by transforming his day-to-day look. 
2) When did people start to notice your potential? 

I believe, when I was in college (at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University); many people noticed my potential because I would normally wear suits and ties around campus, because that’s what I was required to wear when I went to work. I would take time to look nice, because I had a friend/client [that] would tell me to dress like -or better than- the boss, to gain respect and look like the expert, [which] always stuck with me (even to this day).                     
3) Where is your career headed next? 

My career is headed towards teaching men -on a corporate level- how to change their appearance [in order to] change their future. The company is expanding now, into offering many, unique clothing and accessory items for men to purchase. I want to position myself to be able to talk men’s fashion, thrift shopping and share style tips -on a national level- through television appearances (and series’), and also do a city-to-city tour. Many things are in the works already, so everyone should stay tuned and see where Sir Byron Laurent is headed next!                                                                                
***For more information on Lawrence Spivey and his branding company (Sir Byron Laurent), please visit him online, at: www.SirByronLaurent.com, www.sirbyronlaurent.blogspot.com, www.facebook.com/SirByronLaurentStyleAndFashionConsulting. 


  1. YO!!! ithnk went to skool wit dis cat! he real cool, know hsi stuff ;)

  2. lol he can prolly helpo my bf *smh* dew rags n tims is NOT da way to go! FML :-(


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