MTV VMA's 2013 (August 25th, 2013)


While I must admit that this was not my first time attending the Video Music Award's, the feeling of being there (in the midst of all the celebrity action and mayhem), never gets old...
My first time attending this awards show, was back on September 7, 2000, during my first year at Fashion Institute of Technology. I remember clearly, I was freelance fashion styling at Teen People magazine (via my dear friend, Joiee Thorpe), and one day -after class and work- I was so determined to go to the VMA's that I had walked around Times Square, in an attempt to find the Music Television headquarters... and, right when I stumbled upon the building, I was approached by a group of MTV staffers (returning from their lunch break), who had admired my self-designed tee-shirt. They said that I had "the look" of being on TV, and invited me upstairs, into the MTV offices, so that I could audition for one of their now-defunct, reality shows, "Say What Karaoke." Of course, I asked about the VMA's (obviously), and was somehow given the information for a guy named Rob, who was in charge of talent casting. 

So, on the day of the awards -at Radio City Music Hall- after being in touch with the talent guy, my boyfriend and I (at the time),  met at the designated location, where we were told to wait around (for an hour and a half), in order to be 'selected' to go inside and be apart of the stage pit area; sadly, my boyfriend was over it, and he left, RIGHT before they got to our part of the line... and just like that, after they fell in love with my gold outfit, they let me in!!! LOL... *fist pump

Now, fast-forward to some, odd years later, and here I am... AGAIN, wanting to be a part of the VMA's... Only this time around, instead of me being a student, I'm now a college graduate, and a full-fledged, fashion professional. So, with the power of my blog (obvi, STYLE 101), I contacted the MTV press office(s), to try to be added to their list, so that I could cover the show... But, low-and-behold, I never got a call back... and it wasn't until 48 hours before the show, that I received any type of feedback from MTV

I was definitely given the run-around (I guess because my blog didn't have enough clout, yet)... LMAO... but, somehow, God had a ram in the bush, for me, because I was given the information to register for 1iota.com, which is the fan-frenzy organization that handled the stage pit 'casting' for this year's VMA's. Sooo, of course I registered with 1iota, but they had unfortunately reached capacity for the areas they were handling for the VMA's (i.e. stage pit, seat fillers, red carpet, etc.). 

Anyways, my journey to Brooklyn (the location for this year's VMA's, at the Barclays Center), was met with success, after I received a surprising email from 1iota, stating that my request to become a Seat Filler, had been approved!!!!! 

Annnddd, one of my other, dear friends, Cayla Hutton, had also received good news from 1iota, confirming her ticket to the show as well... *woo hoo* ...So, you KNOW that I was on cloud nine, after that awesome news!!! I screamed and shouted, met a few celebs and made some new friends... *woop woop

One of the good things about this whole situation, is that my family is from Brooklyn (Bedford Stuyvesant), and with my moving back to New York after a number of years, it just felt right... like it was perfect timing for me to be in attendance again; and this time around, I have a valid way of sharing the details and experience with you all, via my blog!!! 

So, please enjoy the pics and videos... and, always remember that if I could make it in, so can you... let's keep on chasing our dreams and going after all those things that we want out of life... GOD BLESS US ALL!!!! 



  1. WOW,, U ACTUALLY GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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