V/H/S/2 (in Theaters now)


Okay, so I must admit that for my FIRST EVER film production (as a crew member), I was super nervous and super turntUp, at the same dam time!!! 

Now, I had done plenty of fashion shows and photo shoots, before, so I figured it couldn't be all that bad (or demanding), but boy, was I wrong... LOL!!! Although we were shooting a scary movie, I was the one scared to death... I was credited as being the Costume Designer for the "Ride in the Park" segment of the film, directed by Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale (the guys who gave the world "The Blair Witch Project"), so the pressure was definitely there- to be on point! 

Perhaps, my biggest fail was the initial day that I was supposed to meet the team, and I was delivering the first-round of wardrobe to the directors, and out of all the days, my phone gets cut off (because I didn't pay the bill on time), CTFU!!! So, I'm running around town trying to get directions to the location, since my internet service was interrupted RIGHT in the middle of my travels... hahahaa!!! So, I dialed 911, and the kind officer -who answered- gave me directions, thank God! And, in the end, I made it safely to the drop-off point (albeit 30 minutes late), and made the hand-off of wardrobe... but I was so scared and embarrassed to meet the two, legendary directors, that I just handed the clothes to the Special FX team and drove off. SMH!!! Luckily for me though, because of my expertise with clothing and wardrobe, by the end of filming, Gregg and Ed (and the entire team), appreciated my work and gave me praise on my efforts, because I rose to the challenging occasion... *fist bump* ...so, let that be a lesson to you all... even though you're scared and nervous, don't give up and don't stop 'dead in your tracks' ...just KEEP GOING (walk or run, but don't stop)!!!  

Moreover, one of the many things that I learned while on set (and even before that fateful, first day), was continuity, which basically means making sure that the wardrobe looks EXACTLY the same from shot to shot... so if a person falls down the hill and gets a tear in the clothes, that tear needs to be in the same place when the shot is set up again; hair, make-up, everything must look the exact same, frame to frame. And, I never knew that. 

But I am blessed because I learned alot about film, and a lot about my own self; the will to succeed and win, and not to fake it til you make it, but to go above and beyond the call of duty- even if you don't know all the answers or have all the pieces to the puzzle... the best thing to do is just be yourself and maximize the potential that God gave you... scary movie and all... LOL!!! 


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