#NYFW x Spring/Summer 2014


As always (twice a year), the fashion crowd flocks to the Big Apple (NYC), in hopes of finding out what's new, now and NEXT, for the approaching season(s), during New York Fashion Week...
Not that the results (read: designer collections), are immediately available for the masses, but what happens is that the fashion press/media, buyers, stylists, etc., gather to see what's being forecast, in order to prepare stores/editorial/etc., for the following year's fashion. For example, S/S '14 = Spring/Summer 2014 = the clothing being shown, is for the Spring/Summer 2014 season, although RIGHT NOW, we're still in the end part of the Summer 2013 season.

The time lag is to give the suppliers (read: warehouse shipments), and designers, enough time to get the complete collection(s) fully-made-ready for stores (worldwide)... i.e., you show the clothes now, and they won't technically be ready until next year (in stores, in magazines, etc.).

Get the picture?! I hope so... because not too many people are aware of the actual process (no shame about it, tho), lol... xoxo!!! We learn something new, everyday... even me!



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