Burberry x SS '15

Naomi x Jourdan 

I wonder what took sooo long for this epic greatness to happen, but THANK GOD that it finally did. 

*Naomi Campbell & Jourdan Dunn for Burberry, Spring/Summer 2015. 

Regarding fashion, both of these women are a testament of strength and beauty, due -in particular- to their ethnicity as Black models working within a predominately "white" industry; so when a Black model (or any minority) is able to break through the glass ceiling, it's a cause for celebration. 

*Naomi Campbell & Jourdan Dunn for Burberry, Spring/Summer 2015. 

Naomi Campbell (representing the old school), has certainly paved a way in high-fashion (with her beautiful, dark-skin and legendary runway-walk), modeling for haute-couture and ready-to wear,  appearing on the cover of virtually every, international fashion magazine; being the first Black female to walk in the Prada show; etc. And Jourdan Dunn (representing the new school), has followed in the footsteps of Naomi, becoming only the second Black female to walk for Prada, and also appearing on major magazine covers, and in countless advertising campaigns. 

Outside of fashion, too, these ladies are continuing to make strides, by actively being involved with charity! 

Jobs well done! 

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